Louise Rabey is a freelance illustrator from Plymouth who describes her artwork as cute and quirky. Her illustrations often play on animals and fantasy themes and she takes a lot of inspiration from popular culture. Absolutely anything can spark an idea from a song lyric or quote to personal experiences.

Louise began drawing quite late in life at the age of 15, after a friend asked to have a go at drawing some characters. She quickly became addicted and spent a lot of her free time practicing, alongside playing video games and browsing the internet! After school she went on to study Art and Design for 5 years, and after graduating from a Fine Art degree at Plymouth university, she decided to pursue a career in Illustration. She now works from her studio at Flameworks Creative Arts Facility in Plymouth.

Louise’s ultimate goal is to illustrate books or design characters and concepts for video games and/or animation, she has recently began working in partnership with another author and is currently working on illustrating their children's book, whilst also writing and illustrating her own book. Louise also has plans to expand and experiment with comic books and animation in the future.